Garden Services in Bicester

The Witney Gardener becomes Richard the Bicester Gardener

Important Update!

I have now moved with my family to a narrowboat on the canal. I have loved living and working in Witney and being The Witney Gardener.

I am now only taking on gardens/clients in Bicester and surrounding areas at The Bicester Gardener. Please visit the following website for more information.

Gardener in Bicester

If you are looking for a gardener in Bicester then please do get in touch. I have a very busy round, but am always interested in exciting new projects and new gardens. I work organically, using techniques both new and old. I feel that a garden is a place to enjoy and live in just like any other space in your home. I also think ts important to share our gardens with the other wildlife which share our spaces with us. Whether that be birds, hedgehogs, grass snakes, slow worms, or beneficial insects.

Bicester Gardener

I set up the Bicester Gardener after running a very successful gardening business which I built in Witney. I loved working there, but as a Bicester chap born and bread, I knew I couldn’t stay away long before having to come back to my home town. I am proud and honoured to be working as the Bicester Gardener looking after my customers gardens in and around the town.

Gardener Bicester

Please do get in touch if you would like me to be your gardener. Bicester has many great local gardeners so have a look around and have a chat with a few and see who would fit you and your garden best. If you would like to have a chat with me then I would be really pleased to pop by and discuss your needs.

You can visit my website here